Concrete repairs, anti-carbonation coatings and waterproofing works at Norfolk County Hall

Norfolk County Hall is a familiar landmark in Norwich, dominating the skyline to the east of the city centre. The 11-storey building was originally opened by Her Majesty the Queen in 1968 and houses some 2,000 council staff who cover a number of essential services for the residents of Norfolk. Following more than 40 years of use, the building was showing its age and routine inspections of the exterior showed many of the decorative blocks had become loose and in some cases detached. There were also problems with asbestos, poor insulation, ineffective waterproofing to the roof and concourse podium decks and a need for localised concrete repairs. All options were considered by the council, including leasing buildings or building a new one on a greenfield site, and it was eventually decided the most affordable option was to refurbish the existing building. A

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