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CRA members offer concrete repair services and products. Please use this search facility to identify suitable CRA members to assist you.

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CRA members may be contractors who undertake concrete repair work; or manufacturers and distributers of concrete repair products. Consultants and test houses may also join as Associate members.

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Bridge Bearing Replacement

Car Park Deck Waterproofing

Cathodic Protection

Chloride Extraction/Realkalisation

Concrete/ Masonry Reinstatement

Corrosion Inhibitors

Crack Injection/Grouting

Facade Rendering

Flooring/Deck Reinstatement

Investigation & Survey

Joint Sealing

Plate Bonding/Composite Wrapping

Precision Grouting

Roof/Deck Waterproofing

Sacrificial Anodes

Sprayed Concrete

Structural Monitoring

Structural Waterproofing

Surface Coating/Impregnation

Wall Tie Replacement & Stitching

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